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It’s neat, It’s discreet.
LittleJohn makes it simple. Stand & go!

Urinating in public is a problem

Let’s be honest, bathrooms away from home are gross! We don’t sit on public toilet seats. Squatting/hovering is uncomfortable & bad for our health. Balancing and trying to stay dry, and unexposed outdoors is terrible. We could go on, back-splash, holding it in, and more. Now relax & forget about all those things. We don’t have these problems anymore.


Simply use Little John reusable funnels to comfortably, cleanly, and easily stand to urinate anytime.

The Fabulous LITTLE JOHN portable urinal, unbreakable plastic with spill proof cap, ideal for every person on the go, disable or bedridden patients, or when restroom facilities just aren’t available. No more unscheduled Plane landings, hoping for open stations, or stopping at the next “rest area”. LITTLE JOHN can be used in conjunction With LADY “J” female adapter.


The Little John Kit

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The Little John Kit comprises the Little John Pilot Urinal and 1DI “Lady J” Female Adapter, both of which are designed to work together. The kit helps people of all ages and health conditions stand and urinate comfortably and hygienically, regardless of where they are.   Both the products in the kit are made from …

Little John G Funnel

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Disclaimer : Do Not use while operating any Motorized Machine


Female Urination Devices are Revolutionizing

Germs like Corona

COVID-19, and also Norovirus, Shigella, Bird Flu, Influenza, Rhinovirus, Staph (MRSA), E.Coli, Hepatitis A, C. difficile, Herpes Simplex 2, Streptococci, necrotizing fasciitis, etc. These all last between a day to over two months on a toilet seat.

Squatting/Hovering & Other Crap

Squatting/hovering is bad for our pelvic floor & doesn’t allow the bladder to empty fully which can contribute to UTI’s & makes us have to pee again sooner. Toilet plume is real! Every flush propels germs onto the toilet seat. Paper seat covers do not provide protection.

Standing Up is a Healthy Way

Standing using a FUD doesn’t put stress on our pelvic floor, we avoid contact with germs, contaminated surfaces, and other unwanted exposures: and standing allows our bladder to empty fully meaning less trips to pee!.


Little John Portable Urinal

Combo Pack from $32.95

06 August 2021

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Little John, Lady “J” and “G” Funnel Funnels

Gone are the days when urinating outside was uncomfortable and often anxiety-inducing. With the innovation of Little John Portable Urinal for Men and the New innovational urination Lady “J” funnel for women, both men and women can now have an easy time relieving themselves no matter where they are — whether in the woods or …

03 August 2021

Everything You Need to Know About the Little John, Lady “J” and “G” Funnel Funnels

Let’s face it: public peeing is uncomfortable, and no one likes it. Having to squat to relieve in the woods or exposing yourself to approaching hikers with your shorts down to your ankles is anxiety-inducing and troublesome.



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