How to use

The Little John, Lady “J” and the “G” Funnel are a safe and well built Product for Males and Females, easy to use, Clean and reuse, and very convenient, no matter what you are doing, the Product was first designed for Light Aircraft Pilots with no Bathrooms on Board, But also works well for People that Travel, Go Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Boating, Trucking, or Working. The Comfortable Handle on the Little John Combined with the Lady “J”, makes Urinating into the Little John Safe for Males and Females, Easy, Convenient. The leak Proof Cap works well when storing after Use. Easy to Clean and Sanitize Simply.


The Little John and Lady “J” Combination is a Specially Designed Directional Urinal Device, and the Lady”J” is Fitted for a Female, The “Round” side of the Lady “J” goes in a Up Ward Position and the “V” Side Down, the Short Exit Spout on the Lady “J” fits into the neck of the Little John, for ease of Use, then Simply Grip the Little John Handle and Simply, Press the Lady “J” Lady “J”/Little John Combination against the Body to Urinate. Easy to Clean and Sanitize.


The “G” Funnel is also a Diversion Funnel, that has several uses, as a Funnel that will Screw onto a Two Liter Drink (Coke) Plastic Bottle which will act as a Receptacle for Males to use as a Urinal and For Females-in that the Lady “J” will fit in the neck of the “G” Funnel and will then work for as a Urinal Collector for Females.  The “G” Funnel has been even used to act as a Receptacle, along with a Two Liter Plastic Bottle to Change Oil in your Car or Truck and the “G” Funnel as a device to Add Ainti-Freeze to Your Vehicle and many other uses. Easy to Clean and Sanitize.