Everything You Need to Know About the Little John, Lady “J” and “G” Funnel Funnels

Let’s face it: public urination is uncomfortable, and no one likes it. Having to squat to relieve in the woods or exposing yourself to approaching hikers with your shorts down to your ankles is anxiety-inducing and troublesome.


But there’s a better way to answer the call of nature, and that too, without putting your dignity at stake. It’s called a female urination device, otherwise known as a pee funnel.


In this introductory blog, we will walk you through what a pee funnel is and how it can help you pee comfortably in the outdoors. Let’s get started:


What is a FUD or pee funnel?


Pee funnels or FUDs (female urination devices) are funnel or straw-shaped plastic extenders that let anyone, specifically women, pee in the outdoors while standing and wearing pants, a backpacker’s hip belt, or a climbing harness.


By using these devices, you can comfortably, safely, and cleanly pee, no matter where you are. Whether you are hiking, traveling, or camping in the woods, it can offer you the freedom to stand and pee on the go.


Who can use a pee funnel?


Pee funnels are primarily used by women who don’t like the idea of public peeing or have trouble squatting because of pregnancy, joint pain, and any other problems. Just unzip your pants enough to place the funnel over your private part and get a good, tight seal, and use it to pee while standing. So, say goodbye to dirty public restrooms and squatting.


Though a pee funnel is designed to be used by women, anyone can use it. It doesn’t gender discriminate.


Types of pee funnels


Pee funnels or FUDs come in a range of shapes and types. Let’s look at a few options you have on the market:


Disposable FUDs


These funnels are made of paper or cardboard and are flushable. They are designed for temporary use and are easier to carry. You can carry them in your purse or bag.


Non-disposable FUDs


They are made to last long and can be reused time and again, provided you clean them up after use. They are made of plastic or latex and can easily be cleaned using soap and water, sanitary wipes, and other cleaning products.


What’s the best pee funnel?


Choosing the best pee funnel comes down to your needs. If you are looking for a disposable pee funnel, you can go for any brand that offers disposable funnels since they are usually made for one-time use.


However, if you want a non-disposable funnel for the long-time haul, The Little John portable FUD is the best you can go for. It features unbreakable, reusable plastic, a spill-proof cap, and an impressive design that makes peeing while standing a breeze.


Everyone, from outdoor enthusiasts to bed-ridden patients to pregnant women can use it to pee comfortably, cleanly, and easily.


For more information about the Little John female urination device, feel free to contact us today.