Your Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Little John, Lady “J” and “G” Funnel Funnels

Gone are the days when urinating outside was uncomfortable and often anxiety-inducing. With the innovation of Little John Portable Urinal for Men and the New innovational urination Lady “J” funnel for women, both men and women can now have an easy time relieving themselves no matter where they are — whether in the woods or on a flight.


Little John Portable Urinal Combined with the Lady “J” funnel gives you the freedom to stand and pee on the go. This means you will never have to worry about holding your pee or squatting and sitting in awkward positions to pee. This also means that pregnant women and those struggling with joint pain can escape the ordeal of squatting or sitting on a dirty, unsanitary toilet seat.


However, not many people know how to use Little John or Lady “J” funnel for that matter. Why? Because it’s a relatively new invention that they aren’t aware of.


And this is what this blog is going to tell you: how to use a Little John urinal for Men and the Lady “J” for Women, so we all can use them safely and relieve yourself regardless of where you are. Let’s get started:


Before you begin


It’s always a good idea to practice using a Little John urinal in the shower to figure out the right position. You may face some difficulty at first, but once you get the hang of the technique, you will be all set to go anywhere you want without fear of not finding a clean, hygienic public restroom. Also, remember that it’s not about the size since the Little John Urinal and Lady “J” female urinal are universal.


Getting started


Your Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Little John and Lady ”J” Combination, or Separate. Including the “G” Funnel.


Step 1


For Males: To use the Little John Urinal for Males- place your penis into the Neck of the Little John or “G” Funnel to Urinate, For Females: Fit the Little John with the Lady “J”, inserted it into the Little john Neck and Press the combo of the Little John and Lady “J”, Round edge up against your Body with the V edge down. If your using it without the Little John, Make sure the Lady ”J” Round Edge is up against your body and V Edge Down so, the adapter is facing downwards and away from you. If your Using the “G” Funnel/2-Liter Soda Bottle, insert the Lady “J” into the Neck of the “G” Funnel, again Round edge up on the Lady “J” to use the Combo. If your using the Lady “J” and “G” Funnel only, it makes a great urine director..


Step 2


Aim Lady “J” Adapter away from your feet, or into a Toilet or Portable Loo: or use the Combo of the Lady “J” and the “G” Funnel, Press the Lady “J” Screwed on to a two liter soda Bottle or the Ground, if you in the woods. Don’t fret about Spillage as the Lady “J” and the “G” Funnel combined with the Little John or with a 2 liter Bottle are spill Proof, if used Correctly.


Step 3


Once you are done, just firmly pull the urinal upwards to ensure there are no remaining drops.


Step 4


Give your Little John or Lady “J” or “G” Funnel all a Good wash and place them back in your Carry Case or Back Pack, If you do not Have water at that moment, Bring along a small towel or Cloth, to protect your other items, or Just give them a Good shake and put it Back. When it’s convent, Wash them with Soap and water.


Bottom line


Using Little John and Lady “J” is pretty easy and comfortable. But the benefits you get are impressive. You pee cleanly and safely without sitting or squatting. Plus, you no longer have to look for a clean and hygienic public restroom when you are outside.


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