The Little John Portable Urinal and “Lady J” Female Adapter funnels were designed by a team of creative and innovative minds to address the pressing problem of public urination when you need to that people, especially women, face on a day-to-day basis.


We felt that a lack of clean, hygienic public restrooms, unavailability of facilities in the vicinity, trouble squatting or hovering because of health issues, camping in the wild, and many others create a lot of hassles and make public urination embarrassing, which should otherwise be relaxing and comfortable. To tackle such problems in the most efficient manner possible, we created our innovative and one-of-a-kind public urination products — The Little John Urinal and “Lady J” Female Adapter funnels.


We understood that though there are public urination devices already available on the market, they are not easy to use and reliable. Some of them are uncomfortable to use, while others leak or collapse during use. Considering this, we spent months and years designing, prototyping, and testing our portable urinals to successfully meet the shortcomings of other urination devices on the market.


This attention to detail and zeal to effectively address the problems of public urination gave rise to the Little John Urinal and “Lady J” Female Adapter funnels. Both of our products are portable urinal featuring unbreakable, reusable plastic, a spill-proof cap, and a unique design to help everyone, from bed-ridden patients to pregnant women to people always on the move, urinate comfortably, cleanly, and easily.

Our Vision

We want to transform the way people perceive public urination – for men and women – from an anxious and embarrassing situation to a relaxing and hassle-free experience.

Our Mission

To empower you with a perfect urination solution to help you enjoy your life’s greatest adventures, from a trip to your favorite destination to camping in the wild and much more.