Little John Pilot Urinal


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Little John Pilot Urinal is a one-of-a-kind and convenient spill-proof portable urinal that offers you the freedom to pee, seated at the controls of an Airplane or in the Passenger Seat, convenient when traveling by Auto, Camper, Bus, Commercial Truck drivers, or the Comfort of your Person Car safely, no matter where you are, (for safety sake do not use while operating a moving Motorized vehicle.) We recommend sliding Forward in the seat,  to the Front Edge of the seat, for the Correct Angle. Made of unbreakable, reusable plastic, it features a cap that screws tightly to prevent spills and keep everything nice and clean.


Little John Pilot Urinal can easily hold up to 32 oz. of fluid. and  works best for Females when used in conjunction with the “Lady J” Adapter (sold separately). The Lady “J” Adapter Allows females to use the Little John more easily for Urinal Purposes.  The  Lady “J” can be used Separately as a Directional Device or as a shield in  un-Clean Bathrooms. It is ideal for use by people of all ages and health conditions, from pregnant women to arthritis-patients to travelers and even those who experience frequent urination.


Disclaimer : Do Not use while operating any Motorized Machine