LadyJ Female Adapter For LittleJohn Portable Urinal


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“Lady J” Female Adapter is specially designed to be used by women as a Protective (Protective Directional Devise) Funnel, But, can be used in conjunction with Little John Pilot Urinal. The Lady “J”, is a portable female urinary directional device for every woman on the go. Made of unbreakable, reusable plastic which fits perfectly into the Neck of the Little John Pilot Urinal, enabling women to stand or sit (forward in the seat is recommended) and pee comfortably and healthily in the absence of clean, hygienic restrooms.


The unique shape and design of the “Lady J” Female Adapter keeps leakage at bay and offers women the much-needed peace of mind in public peeing situations that other products fail to provide. It can also be used by women who struggle with squatting or hovering because of pregnancy or any health condition.


Disclaimer : Do Not use while operating any Motorized Machine