“A big thanks to  Little John combined with the Lady “J” for delivering such an amazing product. It has been my savior for a month now, helping me urinate freely and comfortably. I can confidently say that this is the best portable urination device I have ever used.”



  • Beth

“This doesn’t leak, not one drop. It’s surprising since my colleagues use similar products when they go on vacation or camping and often complain about leakage when using them. But I didn’t find any leakage in the Little John products. I loved it. It’s like all my public-urination struggles are finally over.”


  • Andy

“This is the best portable urinal you will find online or on the market. The build quality is par excellence, and its design is unique, which is why it’s so easy and comfortable to use. I feel like I got the best bangs for my bucks for the first time.”



  • Jerry

“Finally, I no longer have to worry about hiding behind bushes or searching for a clean restroom. I am sure this Little John Combined with the Lady “J” will be of great help. I used it at home to see if it works well, and I have no complaints. This is a great value-for-money product. Every woman should have it.”



  • Jennifer

“I have arthritis and struggle with using our washroom. It’s hard to get up once I sit on the toilet seat. But I just got this Little John device along with the Lady “J” funnel, and I no longer have to sit. I can urinate while standing. Such a huge help. Thanks, Little John.”



  • L. Pena

“I recently bought it because I travel a lot, and there are times when I can’t find a clean restroom. This Little John combined with the Lady “J” device has made my travel experience a lot better. It’s simple to use, and lets me urinate cleanly and comfortably. It turns out, it has put an end to outside urination struggles that many women face.”


  • Justin

“I have used disposable funnels quite a lot and found them extremely useful. But since Little John is reusable, I gave it a try, and I am impressed by it. It’s totally spill-proof and fits comfortably on the skin. No rashes, no discomfort! Absolutely worth the price. ”


  • Andrew

“Since I am a hiker who is often on the go, I found Little John Combined with Lady “J”, worth trying. Now, I don’t have to worry about approaching hikers while relieving myself in nature. The ease of use is what I liked the most. Apart from that, it’s easier to carry and reusable.”


  • Cindy Dorantes

“The build quality is great. I liked the design as well, which fits perfectly against your body. I also bought the Lady “J” Adapter for to use with the Little John which makes it convenient, and I loved the whole concept. I think all women should have it.”



  • Emilee Bellone

“I didn’t find any flaw in Little John or Lady “J”. I have used another product before, and It used to leak a bit, which was very unhygienic. But this doesn’t leak at all. It’s like everything I wanted to urinate outside is in the Little John and Lady “J” combo. Great product. ”


  • Emily Jancic