Urination in Public is No More a Problem

No more awkward, often-anxious public-urination situations! Now, urinate comfortably, safely, and cleanly anywhere, anytime with Little John, Lady “J” and “G” Funnel, are urinal funnels that offer you the freedom to stand and urinate on the go. Whether you are camping, traveling, or have trouble squatting because of joint pain, pregnancy, or don’t want to use dirty public restrooms, Little John, Lady “J” and “G” Funnel, are portable urinal funnels are there to your rescue, no matter where and who you are.


With Little John, Lady “J” and “G” Funnel, You’re FREE to GO


No more holding your urine. No squatting. No dirty, unbearable public toilets. Simply use Little John urinal funnels to urinate with peace and comfort anywhere, anytime.


About Little John


The Fabulous Little John portable urinal features unbreakable, reusable plastic, a spill-proof cap, and a unique design to help everyone, from bed-ridden patients to pregnant women to people always on the move, urinate comfortably, cleanly, and easily. Through it all, it lets you bid farewell to your awkward urinal situations, no matter where you are.


Little John Urinal


It’s a convenient, spill-proof portable urinal that can also be used by anyone, including those experiencing frequent urination(motion sickness is not associated with urination). Constructed of unbreakable, reusable plastic, it features a cap that screws tightly to prevent spills and keep everything clean and nice. It can hold up to 32 oz. of fluid and can be used in conjunction with the  Lady “J” Adapter and “G” Funnel (sold separately)


1DI Lady J Female Adapter for Little John Urinal


It’s a specially-designed, the Lady “J” female urinary director for every woman on the go. Featuring unbreakable, reusable plastic, it fits Little John Urinal perfectly, allowing women to pee comfortably and healthily in the absence of clean, hygienic restrooms.

Female Urination, Reimagined!

Protection from Pathogens


Public toilet seats are home to life-threatening pathogens, Including COVID-19, Campylobacter, Enterococcus, Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Shigella, Staphylococcus, and others. But with Little John and Lady “J” Combination, you no longer have to worry about them.

No More Squatting or Hovering


Squatting or hovering during urination doesn’t fully empty the bladder, which increases the risk of UTI’s and leads to frequent urination. But with Little John and Lady “J” Combination, you no longer need to squat or hover for peeing.

Standing is the Way


Standing while urinating using Little John and Lady “J” Combination urination funnel does not stress your pelvic floor and avoids contact with contaminated, often-gross, toilet sets, and fully empty the bladder.