What is Little John Made of?

It is a High Density Polycarbonate, Molded in an Automated Blow Mold Machine, With Our Little John Molds.


How many Little johns and how many Lady “J” do you Make at one time?

For the little John’s, it was 10,000 in this last order, to get ready for 2022, But depends on sales could be as low as 5,000 on the Next Order.

Thanks, Enjoy your little John.

Is Little john online on social media?

Little John Online is all over social media. Our Facebook account is under Little John and our Instagram account is listed under the Fabulous Little John

What does the future hold for Little John Online?

We have been selling 5,000 Little Johns per year and we are building 10,000 units of Little John’s right now for increased sales potential with our New Sales@Littlejohnonline.com, E-Commerce website that can sell worldwide. We already have a following across the United States, in Europe, France, Australia, and South America, we working to increase sales into Mexico in 2022.

Can we find Little John at the supermarket?

Currently, retail sales of Little John are being done exclusively through our ecommerce website littlejohnonline.com. We hope to find our products on your local supermarket shelves very soon